Know the Common Ways to Handle Urine Testing in the US

Urine testing in the US is common as a condition of employment for many jobs, and it has been since 1988, when the Reagan administration began offering this right to employers. Whether you are applying for a position or have a job that requires random testing, you may feel anxious about the test you have to take. Even if you do not take illegal toxins, there is a possibility prescription toxins that your employer frowns upon will be detected. In fact, urine tests are not fool proof, and a small percentage of them come back as false positives, so you have a right to be worried. Fortunately, there are a few methods that can give you a good chance of passing any lab screening that tests your urine.

Dilution with Water and Other Liquids

One way some people try to pass a common lab test is by adding water to the urine once it is in the testing cup. They may also simply drink as much water as possible before taking the test, since both methods will dilute the urine. Though many people assume this will make it difficult for the test to detect any toxin use, it will likely actually cause you to fail the test instead.

Similarly, you might be considering adding small amounts of chemicals to the urine. Bleach, soap, and vinegar are just a few of the most commonly added chemicals. However, the providers of these tests in the US are now aware of these tactics and may be able to detect the dilution whether you use water or chemicals. Therefore, you could fail the test, or at least have to take another one due to inconclusive results.

Detoxifying the Body of Toxins

If you have used toxins that may show up on the test, you might be able to detoxify in time for the screening. There are numerous drinks, pills, and powders on the market that claim they can get you a negative test result. However, these are not always effective and may be expensive, so be cautious when considering this method of passing a lab test.

Buying Urine

If you do not want to use your own urine at all due to the fact that you have used any toxins recently, you can purchase toxin-free urine. Some people take advantage of their toxin-free status and sell their urine to anyone concerned about passing a lab test. If you can pass the urine off as your own, you will likely have no trouble getting negative results. However, you need to make sure the urine is actually toxin-free, so you are advised to use a home urine test to make sure before you rely on it.

If you do not want to carry someone else’s urine around, you can buy synthetic urine instead. The same principle applies, in that as long as you can turn in the urine without provoking suspicion, you have a great chance of getting a negative test result. You just need to keep the synthetic urine at body temperature so it is as realistic as possible.

If you have a lab screening coming up and you doubt you can pass it on your own, you may want to look into one of these options. Whether you choose to use synthetic urine, detox solutions, or dilution methods, you should do your research first to decide which is best for your situation. Keep in mind that there is no guarantee you can pass all the test with these options, but they give you a much better chance than you would have simply taking the test with common toxins detectable in your urine.