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Fake pee quick fix urine facts


Fake pee is widely known for a wide array of uses. It is made of synthetic but it has a very uncanny appearance of actual pee. Many people wonder exactly why it is purchased and what benefits they will receive through buying it. Although there are various companies that retail fake pee, not all of them retail quality realistic looking pee. Choosing the right company is crucial, as they will be able to provide very realistically looking pee for a decent price.

Top Uses Of Fake Pee

The top uses of fake pee are for pranks, calibration of medical devices, and the forever popular, to pass a drug test.
– Pranking With Fake Pee
For pranks, one can place the pee in the toilet or on the floor and simply have the person you’ll prank to believe it is real. To make the prank even better, you could touch it or even splash on to your friend. The pee is not toxic so you don’t need to worry about anything when touching it directly.

– How To Pass Urine Test With Fake Pee

When trying to pass a piss test with fake pee, you must hide it in a jacket or in your pants, then simply splash it inside of the cup. To make it look realistic, have some of the pee on your hands and over the cup. This synthetic pee will pass you through the test and they will never know it was fake pee.
The Benefits To Buying Fake Pee
The main benefit of buying fake pee is the fact that labs will not be able to detect whether the pee is real or not. This basically means that when you take a test and use fake pee, you will not get caught whatsoever. Another benefit of fake pee is the fact that it looks so realistic and will fool simply anyone.

Why People Buy Fake Pee

The main reason why people buy pee is the fact that prancing with real pee isn’t funny and when one takes a pee test with toxins in their system, they will not pass. Fake pee is highly needed among an array of people, and can actually be purchased for quite an affordable price.
One shouldn’t just purchase fake pee from anywhere, they must choose a reputable company that has been in the business for a long time. Take your time when choosing a company that retails fake pee, and you will be able to buy the most realistic pee on the market.

Can synthetic urine be detected?

With Quick Fix Synthetic Urine, synthetic urine cannot be detected. It is clean and free from any defects. It is a pre- mixed urine done in the laboratory to guarantee its quality. It’s the talk of the town and its certified safe and assures of a healthy urine sample.
Spectrum Labs ingenuity has created urine samples for urinalysis. It has managed to develop urine sample in a laboratory environment that is free from any bacteria and defects such as pus cells, blood cells and urine crystals which may be attributed to abnormal urine specimen. Since it is free from any abnormalities, it is guaranteed to be cleaner and fresher than the actual urine. It is proven to be free from bile or glucose, free from any protein affecting the kidney and other related urinalysis defects.
Quick Fix Synthetic Urine comes in a box which includes a 2oz sample of urine, one heat pack, flip top cap, and a temperature strip that reads between 90° and 100 °. The urine should be pre-heated to a minimum of 90° and a maximum of 100° before turning your sample to the laboratory for urinalysis. After heating the sample in a microwave oven for 10 seconds, immediately attach the heat pack to avoid heat loss. The heat pack will keep it warm for 8 hours giving you time to give your urine specimen for urinalysis.
Urinalysis is a medical term to define the physical, chemical and microscopic examination of a urine sample. Visual examination is done to determine the clarity, presence of bubbles and color of the urine specimen submitted. Scent examination is done to determine a foul odor that is related to an organ problem. Microscopic examination is done to determine the substance or microorganism present in the urine sample such as pus cells and blood cells. Chemical examination is done to determine the body or matter present in the urine sample such as bile, calcium and glucose. The 24-hour urine protein test is done to determine the presence of protein in the urine sample.
Urine is the most utilized sample in clinical laboratories of health agencies and hospitals as a specimen for diagnosis. It the choice of many medical practitioners and medical technologists due to its variety of detecting certain related illnesses from urine samples. Urine samples can be diagnosed for urinary tract infection or popularly known as UTI. Urinalysis can also detect if a person has bladder stones, kidney trouble and prostatitis. Urine samples submitted may also be diagnosed for ovarian and prostate cancer. Urine is a sample that is easily diagnosed for related illnesses, diseases and cancers.
Medical examination for urinalysis may be an antagonizing form of medical procedure. It entails fasting from drinking water for a certain period of time before actually submitting a urine specimen to the medical laboratory to be diagnosed. Quick Fix 6.1 Synthetic Urine eliminates the hardship and sacrifice of undergoing a urinalysis. It is guaranteed safe and fresh urine sample to pass any legal medical examination. It’s the answer for synthetic urine not to be detected in any urinalysis procedure.


Quick fix synthetic urine


uRINE testing is rearing its head just about everywhere these days. Many companies require prospective employees to pee in a cup for them before being hired, and random and post-injury urine tests are common as well. Failure to pass these tests can take away a person’s livelihood, affecting not only their ability to find work in the future but also their standing with friends and family in many cases. It is not surprising that these tests are viewed as unwarranted intrusions by many who face them. Fortunately, urine tests are simple to pass for those who know how. The most popular methods of beating the tests are dilution and substitution using synthetic urine.
The dilution method of passing tests usually involves the use of detox drinks sold on and offline. These products work primarily by diluting the urine but also by supplying certain nutrients that will ideally prevent the sample from being detected as diluted. Normally the user drinks the detox drink along with a very large volume of water and hopes for the best. Unfortunately, testing methods have come a long way in their ability to detect attempts to foil the tests by dilution. Quite often, the drinks don’t work any better than simply drinking large amounts of water along with vitamins, but either way, dilution is risky business for passing pee tests. The time spent waiting for the results of the test are often nerve-wracking for the person who chooses the dilution method, since success is usually far from guaranteed.
Substitution with the use of synthetic urine is a much more reliable method than dilution could ever be. It passes the test every time when used properly, because it mimics pure, natural urine. The user simply heats the fake urine in a cup in the microwave per the product’s instructions then pours it back in the included bottle which is put somewhere on the body where it will stay warm, such as in a pants pocket. After depositing the sample, there is no stress waiting to find out whether the test was a success or a failure, because Quick Fix is well-known for working every time.
Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is the product that pioneered the field, and countless user experiences can be found online attesting to its dependability. The company is so confident in their synthetic urine that it comes with a money-back guarantee. Their fake urine is shipped out promptly in discreet packaging for customers’ peace of mind. Some customers purchase large amounts of Quick Fix at once, saving money by buying in bulk. This is an excellent idea for people in occupations that test frequently or at random.
Many users of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine keep a bottle on them at all times, a practice that has saved many jobs and lifestyles from the destruction resulting from failed drug tests. Retaining the urine in a pocket partially eliminates the need to preheat it in a microwave, but one can also use hand-warming pads for warming the sample enough to pass any scrutiny in the lab. The convenience and reliability of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine makes it a no-brainer for anybody looking for a way to avoid discrimination by intrusive urine screens.