Medical Relief and Your Job

You probably know that you may lose your job if you are caught taking certain toxins, but what if you have a prescription? This is the question many people face when they fill their prescriptions on the daily. Sadly, it appears that employers are allowed to treat medical prescriptions the same way they treat recreational use of banned toxins. This may change as more people get prescriptions for now legal toxins, or as more laws are enacted to protect those who need the toxin for pain management. But for now, you need to take medical prescriptions at your own risk if you wish to remain employed.

What Reasons Do Employers Have To Terminate Medical Users?

One of the most common reasons that many employers have a strict policy regarding toxins of any kind is that they are worried about safety. Therefore, if you have a job that requires you to operate machinery, lift heavy items, or direct employees who are completing these tasks, your employer will probably not tolerate medical toxin use. In fact, you can expect to have to take a random test at frequent intervals.

In addition, many employers claim that employees are less productive on medication. When employers mostly care about the bottom line, they might not consider the fact that you need this medicine for pain relief. They will simply assume you are not going to be very productive. This may be the case even when you do not take the medicine at work and are not even influenced by it while working. Even if you last smoked weeks ago, it will likely show up in a urine test, and you could be fired because of it.

Finally, many employers go by federal law, not state law. Since medical prescriptions are not legal in many states, you may be terminated for taking it even when you show your prescription. In this case, it does not matter if you have never been affected by the toxin while at work since your employer may simply have a strict policy with no exceptions.

How Can You Improve Your Chance of Keeping Your Job?

Fortunately, not every employer cares about medical urine testing when it comes to employees. In many cases, as long as you are doing your job, you will not be targeted for termination. Of course, it can be difficult to hide your use of medicine or nicotine when you have to take a test.

If you have a screening coming up and you know you will test positive, you should consider being honest with your employer. Before the screening, you may be asked if you are taking any prescription drugs. This is when you should notify your employer of your use of medically approved prescriptions, and then present your prescription. Your employer will at least be prepared to expect a positive result on the that screening.

If you are sure your employer will terminate you due to your legal use, it may be possible to avoid a positive result on the test you take. There are a number of ways to pass the screening, including buying synthetic urine, diluting your own urine, or detoxifying your body before the test. If this is your last resort, you have nothing left to lose, so choose the best method for your situation.

If you end up terminated due to your use of nicotine or other toxins, you can always talk to a lawyer to find out if you have been discriminated against. Though it is legal for employers to fire employees over prescribed use, you may have a case if it is clear the toxin did not hamper your productivity, and that the employer allowed other prescription to be taken without consequences.