Quick Fix Plus 6.2 3oz (10) pack


Quick Fix 6.2 Plus a larger 3oz version, this 3 oz bottle is about the size of a deck of cards and delivers the ace. Quick Fix 10 packs are the ultimate way to save some money and en sure your prepared for any lab screening.


QuickFix Plus 6.2 synthetic urine combo pack! Buy 10 units at a huge discount all kits come with a two year shelf life, easiely sell a few and make your money back. This synthetic urine kit is 3oz of pure human like urine that is guatanteed to work! This miracle formula comes with a 2 year shelf life and can be heated and coooled multiple times without effecting the synthetic urine characteristics. New Quick Fix 6.2 version delivers pre mixed urea in every box and it will work in every state! No more mixing just pour and go.


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