Are your products detectable ?

All of Detoxmonster.com products are undetectable. These products will not affect temperature, creatine levels, pH, specific gravity, or color of your sample we have tested all of our products with toxicology professionals.

Are your products safe?

All products at Detoxmonster are designed for internal use and are manufactured accordingly to industry guidelines. We only use DHHS- certified laboratories to guarantee the highest quality Detox products on the market today.

How long do toxins stay in the body?

In each circumstance, it varies from person to person. There are many determining factors such as the analytical testing method used, your health, metabolism, body weight, fluid intake, the type of toxin to the body, and the amount of exposure to the toxin(s). Please see our comprehensive toxin detection time chart to determine what product is right for your situation. If you question the possibility of toxins in your system, we recommend the purchase of our single or multi test panel to detect toxin metabolites with laboratory accuracy.These self administered test strips can give you an answer with pin point accuracy in the comfort of your own home.

Do you guarantee your product?

Very simply, yes. We have not stood in business for 14 years if our products were not effective! If used correctly, our products work every single time with pinpoint accuracy. Please read our testimonials to get an idea of what our customers think about our products and ability to reccomend a product for your situation.

What do I do if I failed my urine test ?

In the highly unlikely event you fail a urine screen we reccomend you demand a re test. Many times testing labs make mistakes! We recommend you demand a re-test due to collection error . If you can successfully do this, you now have time to purchase one of our products at Detoxmonster.com and pass your test!

What do I do if the at home test shows a faint line?

Very simply, a line, no matter how faint, should read a NEGATIVE test result. Don’t chance it, test yourself again until you are sure you are clean. Detoxmonster.com sells many combo packs that include self testing strips to be 100% sure your clean and ready to go!

Does Detoxmonster.com ensure all products purchased are sent and billed discreetly?

Yes all products purchased from Detoxmonster.com will be shipped and billed discreetly,all products will be shipped in plain boxes that read CA LOGISTICS on the label and billing statements will read the same.


Does Detoxmonster.com store any personal information on this site? Are my orders secure?

No Detoxmonster.com must stay in accordance with all applicable laws in the U.S. we never store any personal information including credit card information. All orders placed on Detoxmonster.com are processed by a major bank with the latest 256 bit SSL ENCRYPTION TECHNOLOGY (Secure Sockets Layer) to ensure your transaction is safe and secure.So what exactally does this mean? Detoxmonster.com uses the same technology as major companies in the U.S such as Walmart and Amazon to process your transaction so rest assure your transaction are discreet safe and secure!

Does Detoxmonster.com ship there products to all 50 states in the U.S.?

Yes Detoxmonster.com ships ALL of its products to all 50 states in the U.S. including Puerto Rico, all products purchased from Detoxmonster.com must be made by all persons 18 years of age or older.

Does Detoxmonster.com offer returns on product and accessories?

Yes Detoxmonster.com understands situations can change so we back all products unopened  within 30 days with a valid reciept acceptable for return or exchange minus shipping costs.If you have a question about a return or damaged product please contact our friendly staff 24/7 at 1-866-420-7229


Can products be sent to an address other than my own?

NO, please keep in mind due to security reasons credit cards must match billing addresses to process accuratly upon checkout, also the USPS will only deliver to address in which the names match so if you do not live at that residence send it in the name of the resident who resides there.

Does Detoxmonster.com offer a price match guarantee?

Yes we did not become the Detoxmonster leader in online detox products overnight! if you can find a better price online we will price match it with our 100% price match guarantee.

Does Detoxmonster.com charge sales tax?

All orders placed in the great state of CA or subject to a sales  tax rate of 9.875% upon checkout

Does Detoxmonster.com really offer FREE 2-3 DAY PRIORITY SHIPPING ?

Yes you heard right? Due to customer loyality we feel we owe you something back so with that said we will be the first and only online detox site to offer 100% free priority shipping on all orders placed in the U.S. with no minumim or maximum required. This 2-3 day shipping method will be 100% FREE courtesy of the Detoxmonster! (The only shipping option which is NOT FREE is the next day air option which will be billed at the normal rate of $36.95) Not sure about which option to choose? call us 24/7 at 1-866-420-7229