The Synthetic Urine Belt Can Help Pass Any Urine Test


We all know at some point in our career we will all have to take a urine test so at we have you covered when it comes to The dreaded test, it can be a nightmare for anyone who has taken even an over the counter medication. Thankfully, those who fear the urine test process have the synthetic urine belt to fall back on. Urine tests now days are super sensitive and can cause major problems for those who use recreational toxins. Whether it is a simple borrowed pill from a relative or an occasional way to calm down, urine tests can end employment of a great job.
Because urine tests are random and unpredictable in their occurrence, the synthetic urine belt can save that great job and make the occasional testing process easier. Many people use toxins for medicinal purposes, but the employer may not understand that. This commonly used toxins will show up on any urine screen and is grounds for being fired. Rather than getting walking papers, the synthetic urine belt can help solve all related testing problems.
The synthetic urine belt is super easy and anyone can use it. The adjustable strap fits securely around a thigh. The beauty is that this strap is able to keep the urine a normal body temperature for as long as it is being worn. Other methods of fake urine require a heating pad that is difficult to deal with. The synthetic urine belt allows a person to keep the fake urine close to their body at all times making sure it is always the right temperature.
Let’s face it; anyone is going to be nervous when it comes to a taking a test. Rather than let the nerves get the best of a person, the synthetic urine belt is there to save the day. This belt has a lifetime warranty and is guaranteed to work. The reviews of how many people have pulled off the dreaded drug test are staggering. Everyone has a vice, and for most the occasional recreational drug is not grounds to end a perfectly good employment situation. Because privacy is still important, the synthetic urine belt can save the day.
Why do people trust the synthetic urine belt? The answer to that question is easy, it works. Unlike other kits on the market that require a bunch of steps to ensure the urine is at the proper temperature, this one simply uses body heat to get the perfect temperature every time. The temperature is one of the most important elements when submitting a urine test. In fact, they are going to be looking at the temperature to see if there has been any foul play with the urine test. The temperature tells the story and they use this as a gauge for the urine. The synthetic urine belt delivers pure fake urine that is the perfect temperature every time.
Stop worrying about those random tests or the new job screening. The synthetic urine belt has the ability to stop a person from losing their job with ease. Simply strap on the device and put the bottle of fake urine inside the strap; it’s that simple. This fool proof system has already helped so many people maintain or get the job they desperately need and still they were able to live their normal lifestyle. Combining the synthetic urine belt with the quick fix 6.1 synthetic urine ensures that there is no test procudure that cannot be passed with ease.

Fake pee reviews

Everyone is in search of a quick fix these days. And when it comes to having to give a urine sample, for whatever reason, there is no shortage of the desire to find the quickest fix out there on the market today. If you find yourself in this sort of situation, just visit There you will fine the best synthetic urine on the market.

Fake pee has been out there and on the market for years, well before most of the people reading this were born, even well before the internet was even thought of. That does not mean the quick fix urine offered in the past was always the best quality product. Quite the contrary. The fake pee of the past was usually hyped up to pass any form of urine test out there, only to come up long on promises and short on success.
There is good news out there today however, with the latest science and research and just the more updated and true to life synthetic matching materials, processing fake pee is never been more easy or reliable.
When you visit, you are going to come across with out any question of doubt, the most human like synthetic urine samples, that can pass any lab test out there today. The samples offered on this website are made from the highest quality, life like matching materials available, that will stand up to any test, and it is undetectable whether it is meant to be a male or female sample. (how embarrassing would that be, if the sample were so true to life, Harvey came up pregnant when he gave his urine sample?) No worries there, this fake pee is unisex. There is a long ‘shelf life’ to the fake pee offered today, lasting as long as two years. And as you are well aware, they take into consideration every aspect of the sample that you produce, one very important element is temperature. This is not going to be a problem with this high grade synthetic urine, because it can be heated and reheated many a time, so with the genuine appearance, and test passing fake pee, throw into the mix the right temperature, and you are guaranteed to fly through any urine test out there today.
And if all that was not good enough, offers free priority shipping when you order from their website, which is a wonderful added bonus.Your samples will be getting to you in a timely fashion. No long agonizing waiting periods here. Also, you are working with professionals AT Detoxmonster, you will receive discrete shipping, your purchase will arrive to you with class and dignity, so there are no worries that the nosey neighbors or the mail man know what is in the box being delivered to your door.

Fake pee quick fix urine facts


Fake pee is widely known for a wide array of uses. It is made of synthetic but it has a very uncanny appearance of actual pee. Many people wonder exactly why it is purchased and what benefits they will receive through buying it. Although there are various companies that retail fake pee, not all of them retail quality realistic looking pee. Choosing the right company is crucial, as they will be able to provide very realistically looking pee for a decent price.

Top Uses Of Fake Pee

The top uses of fake pee are for pranks, calibration of medical devices, and the forever popular, to pass a drug test.
– Pranking With Fake Pee
For pranks, one can place the pee in the toilet or on the floor and simply have the person you’ll prank to believe it is real. To make the prank even better, you could touch it or even splash on to your friend. The pee is not toxic so you don’t need to worry about anything when touching it directly.

– How To Pass Urine Test With Fake Pee

When trying to pass a piss test with fake pee, you must hide it in a jacket or in your pants, then simply splash it inside of the cup. To make it look realistic, have some of the pee on your hands and over the cup. This synthetic pee will pass you through the test and they will never know it was fake pee.
The Benefits To Buying Fake Pee
The main benefit of buying fake pee is the fact that labs will not be able to detect whether the pee is real or not. This basically means that when you take a test and use fake pee, you will not get caught whatsoever. Another benefit of fake pee is the fact that it looks so realistic and will fool simply anyone.

Why People Buy Fake Pee

The main reason why people buy pee is the fact that prancing with real pee isn’t funny and when one takes a pee test with toxins in their system, they will not pass. Fake pee is highly needed among an array of people, and can actually be purchased for quite an affordable price.
One shouldn’t just purchase fake pee from anywhere, they must choose a reputable company that has been in the business for a long time. Take your time when choosing a company that retails fake pee, and you will be able to buy the most realistic pee on the market.

Medical Relief and Your Job

You probably know that you may lose your job if you are caught taking certain toxins, but what if you have a prescription? This is the question many people face when they fill their prescriptions on the daily. Sadly, it appears that employers are allowed to treat medical prescriptions the same way they treat recreational use of banned toxins. This may change as more people get prescriptions for now legal toxins, or as more laws are enacted to protect those who need the toxin for pain management. But for now, you need to take medical prescriptions at your own risk if you wish to remain employed.

What Reasons Do Employers Have To Terminate Medical Users?

One of the most common reasons that many employers have a strict policy regarding toxins of any kind is that they are worried about safety. Therefore, if you have a job that requires you to operate machinery, lift heavy items, or direct employees who are completing these tasks, your employer will probably not tolerate medical toxin use. In fact, you can expect to have to take a random test at frequent intervals.

In addition, many employers claim that employees are less productive on medication. When employers mostly care about the bottom line, they might not consider the fact that you need this medicine for pain relief. They will simply assume you are not going to be very productive. This may be the case even when you do not take the medicine at work and are not even influenced by it while working. Even if you last smoked weeks ago, it will likely show up in a urine test, and you could be fired because of it.

Finally, many employers go by federal law, not state law. Since medical prescriptions are not legal in many states, you may be terminated for taking it even when you show your prescription. In this case, it does not matter if you have never been affected by the toxin while at work since your employer may simply have a strict policy with no exceptions.

How Can You Improve Your Chance of Keeping Your Job?

Fortunately, not every employer cares about medical urine testing when it comes to employees. In many cases, as long as you are doing your job, you will not be targeted for termination. Of course, it can be difficult to hide your use of medicine or nicotine when you have to take a test.

If you have a screening coming up and you know you will test positive, you should consider being honest with your employer. Before the screening, you may be asked if you are taking any prescription drugs. This is when you should notify your employer of your use of medically approved prescriptions, and then present your prescription. Your employer will at least be prepared to expect a positive result on the that screening.

If you are sure your employer will terminate you due to your legal use, it may be possible to avoid a positive result on the test you take. There are a number of ways to pass the screening, including buying synthetic urine, diluting your own urine, or detoxifying your body before the test. If this is your last resort, you have nothing left to lose, so choose the best method for your situation.

If you end up terminated due to your use of nicotine or other toxins, you can always talk to a lawyer to find out if you have been discriminated against. Though it is legal for employers to fire employees over prescribed use, you may have a case if it is clear the toxin did not hamper your productivity, and that the employer allowed other prescription to be taken without consequences.

Know the Common Ways to Handle Urine Testing in the US

Urine testing in the US is common as a condition of employment for many jobs, and it has been since 1988, when the Reagan administration began offering this right to employers. Whether you are applying for a position or have a job that requires random testing, you may feel anxious about the test you have to take. Even if you do not take illegal toxins, there is a possibility prescription toxins that your employer frowns upon will be detected. In fact, urine tests are not fool proof, and a small percentage of them come back as false positives, so you have a right to be worried. Fortunately, there are a few methods that can give you a good chance of passing any lab screening that tests your urine.

Dilution with Water and Other Liquids

One way some people try to pass a common lab test is by adding water to the urine once it is in the testing cup. They may also simply drink as much water as possible before taking the test, since both methods will dilute the urine. Though many people assume this will make it difficult for the test to detect any toxin use, it will likely actually cause you to fail the test instead.

Similarly, you might be considering adding small amounts of chemicals to the urine. Bleach, soap, and vinegar are just a few of the most commonly added chemicals. However, the providers of these tests in the US are now aware of these tactics and may be able to detect the dilution whether you use water or chemicals. Therefore, you could fail the test, or at least have to take another one due to inconclusive results.

Detoxifying the Body of Toxins

If you have used toxins that may show up on the test, you might be able to detoxify in time for the screening. There are numerous drinks, pills, and powders on the market that claim they can get you a negative test result. However, these are not always effective and may be expensive, so be cautious when considering this method of passing a lab test.

Buying Urine

If you do not want to use your own urine at all due to the fact that you have used any toxins recently, you can purchase toxin-free urine. Some people take advantage of their toxin-free status and sell their urine to anyone concerned about passing a lab test. If you can pass the urine off as your own, you will likely have no trouble getting negative results. However, you need to make sure the urine is actually toxin-free, so you are advised to use a home urine test to make sure before you rely on it.

If you do not want to carry someone else’s urine around, you can buy synthetic urine instead. The same principle applies, in that as long as you can turn in the urine without provoking suspicion, you have a great chance of getting a negative test result. You just need to keep the synthetic urine at body temperature so it is as realistic as possible.

If you have a lab screening coming up and you doubt you can pass it on your own, you may want to look into one of these options. Whether you choose to use synthetic urine, detox solutions, or dilution methods, you should do your research first to decide which is best for your situation. Keep in mind that there is no guarantee you can pass all the test with these options, but they give you a much better chance than you would have simply taking the test with common toxins detectable in your urine.


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