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Detox Monster was founded in 1991 our business since has grown 10 times fold to become the leader in on-line detox solutions. Our comprehensive site specializes in fake urine products like the new Quick Fix 6.2 synthetic urine. Detox Monster carries top of the line brands from Spectrum Labs and other reputable synthetic urine manufacturers. Quick fix 6.2 synthetic urine is an updated version of the previous 6.0 version. Quick Fix 6.1 by urine luck is a lab grade fake pee that has provided privacy for thousands for over 9 years and counting. With free shipping offered on all synthetic urine products including Quick Fix we have become your go to company we in need of a guaranteed pass. No matter whether you have a Urine, Saliva, Hair or Blood test Detox Monster has the right application for your situation at unbeatable prices.


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Detoxmonster.com is a cutting edge detox company which specializes in the delivery of the all new Quick Fix 6.2 synthetic urine. Our top of the line urine kits and detox products are manufactured by toxicology professionals. All products sold on our site come with a 100% money back guarantee. Since early 2001 Detoxmonster.com has offered a comprehensive detox site with up to date facts and knowledge in complete body detox and products to beat your toxicology test with ease. Our on going initiative is to be the leader in online complete body detox, and provide world class service with products that are effective and prices that are affordable. Our best selling fake urine produced by Spectrum Labs is a unisex synthetic urine that will work to beat and urine test! Order your lab grade Quick Fix 6.2 today and enjoy free shipping to go with it. All products purchased from detoxmonster.com come with discreet billing and shipping.

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